Jack Henry Resource Center Overview:
Marketing Support and Resources

Jack Henry gives you the support and tools you need to create marketing materials that educate customers about your services, increase adoption and strengthen relationships.

It’s quick and easy to create marketing materials that reflect your financial institution’s brand identity. You can upload your logo, choose your colors, adjust copy, add social media links and more.

Create customized marketing materials, including:


Targeted email marketing messages help educate customers about your services and make it easy for them to enroll.


Custom direct mail materials can be customized with your financial institution’s name, logo and information about how to sign up for bill pay.


Content about your services can be used on your website or in client communications like newsletters, statement stuffers, etc.


Customized posters, table tents and brochures can be created with your institution’s logo and detailed information about your services.


The social media kit contains a range of posts and links designed to engage and inform your customers about how your products and services work.


Online videos help customers see exactly how your products help simplify their lives and give them more control.

The Resource Center provides marketing materials that support products like:
Consumer & Business Bill Pay
Business Remote Deposit Capture
Extra Awards
Digital Banking
Business Mobile Deposits
Consumer Mobile Check Deposits
Digital Wallets

Explore the Resource Center for yourself.

The Resource Center helps you grow adoption, increase transactions and strengthen retention. And new marketing materials are being added all the time. So be sure to check in regularly to discover new ways to promote your services.